We produce pasture raised poultry. All our chickens are raised on pasture 24/7. Raised 100% naturally.

Pasture Raised

Our birds live 24/7 on pasture, eating, scratching

Certified NON-GMO

Supplemented on NON-GMO feed

No Growth Hormones

Bugs not drugs!

"Eat clean, eat Valley Organics Pasture Raised Chicken"

100% Natural

Raised 100% naturally

Anti-biotic free

Our birds are given a natural probiotic to keep healthy

No animal by products

Only pasture and grain based feed

Meet The Farmers!​

Get to know your farmers personally! Know the source of your food!

Comes from a background in the film industry. Has a passion for animal welfare.
Jake Levy
Comes from a background in the real estate industry. Has a passion for healthy and quality produce.
Alex Vincent