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Pasture Raised

Our birds live 24/7 on pasture; eating & scratching.

High Quality Feed

Supplemented on
Free Range Feed

No Growth Hormones

Bugs not drugs!

"Eat clean. Eat Valley Organics Pasture Raised Chicken"

100% Natural

Raised 100% naturally

Anti-biotic free

Our birds are given a natural probiotic to keep healthy

No animal by products

Only pasture and grain based feed

Why Choose Us?

Animal Welfare

Our animals wellbeing is our top priority.


We strive to reduce our environmental impact.

On-site Processing

Our birds are not subjected to any travel.

Licensed and Registered

Our processing facilities are of the highest standard

Meet The Farmers!

Get to know your farmers personally! Know the source of your food!

Comes from a background in the film industry. Has a passion for animal welfare.
Jake Levy
Comes from a background in the real estate industry. Has a passion for healthy and quality produce.
Alex Vincent